Thursday, February 23, 2006

I'm still an INFP

It's been awhile since I took the Myers-Briggs test so when I found this online test based on it, I was interested to see if my personality type might have changed... Nope, I'm still an INFP (intuitive, introverted, feeling and perceiving).

I guess that makes me an idealist who is focused internally and relies alot on my intuition. Ya think?!

OK, my people are intent on helping people and making the world a better place, serving humanity. We are on a continuous mission to find truth and meaning, and though somewhat reserved in expressing emotion we have a deep well of sincere care for people... oh, and we don't like conflict. We go to great lengths to avoid it.

Other INFPs include...

Princess Diana
William Shakespeare, bard of Avon
Helen Keller, deaf and blind author
Carl Rogers, reflective psychologist, counselor
Fred Rogers (Mister Rogers' Neighborhood)
Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis
Tom Brokaw, news anchor
Annie Dillard (Pilgrim at Tinker Creek) Yea!! I love her!!
James Taylor, vocalist
Julia Roberts, actor (Conspiracy Theory, Pretty Woman)
Terri Gross (PBS's "Fresh Air")
Amy Tan (author of The Joy-Luck Club, The Kitchen God's Wife)
John F. Kennedy, Jr.
Lisa Kudrow ("Phoebe" of Friends)
Fred Savage ("The Wonder Years")

So, which personality type are you? Any other INFP's out there?

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